1933-1934 Sloped Windshield Tudor Sedan Body
 The new Sloped Tudor Body package is our latest design. It combines traditional styling with more modern arodynamics.  It features the same California kd sloped windshield copped top, Forward slanted B-Pillar and Rear window. This is the most practicle and versitile design we have ever offered. This Sedan will be offered as a standard Ford package to bolt to a stock or reproduction frame. And it will also be offered as a Stage 1 to 3 Uni-Body. This package, as a Uni-Body, will go one step further and be built with the following changes: The frame rail profile on the sedan’s uni-body structure, is extended at the bottom, to allow the fenders and running boards to be bolted on. The front sub-frame unit is made like a stock front frame rail, so the inner fenders will bolt to them, just like the factory assembly. Also With the frame rail profiles taller for the running board mounts, this allows us to drop the floor pan an additional inch. The rear uni-body structure sports frame horns to support a reproduction gas tank. The package parts list is also slightly different due to it using a normal reproduction Hood, radiator, and grille. The completion level of the 3 stages remain the same and are priced accordingly. Complete photos of this new package will be available soon.

                                                                     1933 Sloped Tudor Sedan Packages. 
KBS100  1933-34 Ford Sedan Standard frame type body only. (assembled doors, dash, dash brace, stock or smooth floor) $8800
PWO       Power windos installed in doors with smoke tinted glass. includes quarter and rear window also.    $800
KBS101  1933 Sloped Sedan Standard rail type Uni-Body  Stage 1 Package (same completion as stage 1 coupe package with power windows and windshield, it also includes all 4 fenders, running boards, inner fender panels, and rear tank cover. It does not include the hood, grille, roll pan or suspension) this would compare to a body and fender package and frame. $ 15,800
KBS102 1933 Sloped Sedan Stage 2 Rolling Package : This includes all of stage 1 package plus coil-over custom independent front suspension, complete 9" Ford rear end with brakes and 3rd member, rear ladder bar kit, coil over shocks, pan-hard rod, New steel 4 piece Rootlieb hood, 1933 Ford grille shell, new aluminum radiator, new steel gas tank, fully assembled and fit, all parts installed, including the garnish moldings. This is a full roller and will be completely assembled and fit. $ 25,800
KBS103 1933 Sloped Sedan Stage 3 uni-body Paint Ready Rolling package : This is all assemblies and components from both previous stages including the complete curing process, entire body sanded, match fit on all panels all fit and gaps trued, all moldings, all fenders, and all surfaces prepped, dismantled, then primed with catalyzed primer. It also includes the entire assembly that is primed, to be block sanded again then re-primed. Plus etch primer on the complete uni-body chassis structure. This package will then be completely reassembled then final checked for body work perfection. This “paint ready” stage will leave you with one final wet sand then paint.  This is a complete, body-worked, and blocked, primer roller, fully assembled, and all final fit. $32,500
The upgrades and options are up to you, we will entertain any of your suggestions and try to price them accordingly. Please call for a complete quote. These packages are now available for deposit. More Pictures will be available soon.             
Sloped tudor built as unibody with steel structure and floor
Larry Biddinger  Myrtle Beach, SC  #1 from the mold, Gibbon 1933 Ford Sloped Sedan Uni-body. (available as standard body also)
New sedan body out of the mold on stock chassis.