1933-1934 Ford Coupe Bodies  3-Window and 5- Window

This thing just screams HOT ROD! The Gibbon VIPER coupe, roadster and tudor sedan bodies are channeled two inches over a 33-34 PINCHED FRONT frame. The VIPER features special rocker panels that fill in the area between the cowl and grille shell under the hood sides (rather than using the stock 33/34 inner fender panels) special rolled rear pan and special hood top. Viper 1 is for full length front pinched frame horns, and Viper 2 is has bobbed, pinched, hidden front frame horns.(look closely at photos)  Body features and options are same as standard bodies. Complete body/chassis rolling package with Pete & Jakes custom chassis is available. The Viper upgrade includes Channeled body option, Roll pan, hood top, front lower rocker panels, grille shell w/ stainless teeth installed. For Viper upgrade, add C-50V $1925 to body price.
Viper 1 body pkg. Channeled on a stock chassis.
Bob Reed's Viper 2 coupe 3-W  with pinched and bobbed front horns.  
Our 3" Dropped floor pan is a simple upgrade to you body and frame package. Well worth the trouble to have much needed room.
Bobby Gilmings 33 Cal Kid 3-W full fender coupe
               Standard coupe bodies built on Stock or reproduction Frame.• Filled roof and cowl top • Doors hung and latched • Complete floor (smooth) • Wood reinforced with tack strips • Steel cowl brace • Interior garnish moldings • Package tray with rear window box. Package parts also available. ''33/34 fender package includes: • Four fenders • Pair of inner fender panels • Stock or smooth running boards • Gas tank cover (choice of style)• Grille baffle. No Cost Options: 3" Cal Kid Chop only: • Stock or hidden door hinges • Stock or smooth dash • Trunk or Rumble lid • Stock or recessed firewall.
          C-500 1933/34 Ford 3W Coupe Body Only $8200
          C-555  1933/34 Ford 5-W coupe body Only $8500           C-501 1933/34 Ford Standard Fender Package $1450           EW34C Power windows installed with side and rear light grey tinted glass $650
     The Viper option to either of these bodies is an additional $1925 and includes the roll pan, hood top, grille and stainless teeth, and power windows.      

3w and 5w Viper 2roller, Bobbed, Pinched, 4" extra wheelbase, IFS, with dropped floor pans.