Uni-Body Package pricing

                                 Stage 1 Uni-Body Coupe Package
Stage 1 is a complete Uni-Body Structure with fiberglass 3" California Kid chopped top, with slanted windshield body installed. This is a complete steel dropped floor plate structure and frame rail profiles, with complete welded hidden roll bar structure as shown.  This comes with appropriate front sub-frame installed and removable (see below  for options) with your choice of engine and transmission mounts installed. This is also a completely assembled body with dash and dash brace, complete set of interior garnish moldings fit and mounted to body, fiberglass tunnel cover installed, steel center drive-shaft tunnel, Hidden door hinges, bear claw safety latches, doors hinged and latched, trunk lid hinged, roll pan, fiberglass hood top, grille shell with stainless teeth, smooth steel hood side panels, and electric power windows installed with glass for rear and front windshield. All mold flashing lines will be body-worked and primed, and complete steel structure will be cleaned and etch-primed. (NO SUSPENSION)
Sub-frame options will include: 1. Tubular (as shown) for Coil over axle or IFS.2. Front frame rail bolt on. This looks like normal frame rails with small support gusset  for firewall bolt on (not shown) for dropped front axle or IFS.
KB101    1933 Ford Uni-body 3 window coupe Stage 1 pkg. $16,500KB102    1933 Ford Uni-body 5 window coupe stage 1 pkg. $17,000
                                                     Stage 2 Uni-body Coupe Assembled Rolling package:
Stage 2 Package will include all of stage 1 plus: Dropped front axle and coil over front suspension system with new Vega cross steer system, standard disc brakes, Pete and Jake’s Viper front hair pins, and Super Bell axle. Also New 9" Ford rear end housing, axles, 3rd member, complete Pro-street 36" adjustable ladder bar kit with Aluminum coil over shocks, pan-hard rod and drum brakes. All suspension systems will be completely installed and car will be rolling. Stage 2 rolling package also comes with these parts: New 17 gallon upright gas tank with battery box, New aluminum radiator, Complete duel opening hood hinge and brace kit. In addition to these package parts, all will be fit and installed including the following: Hood, grille, gas tank, and radiator. Complete hood hinge kit will be installed and functional. This is a completely assembled and fit rolling package.
KB201     1933 Ford Uni-Body 3/W stage 2 Hi-Boy Coupe Roller.   $25,500KB202     1933 Ford Uni-Body 5/W stage 2 Hi-Boy Coupe Roller    $26,000
KU500 Heidt’s Plain Finish Open wheel super ride Independent front suspension    $550KU600 Polished Currie Aluminum center 9" Ford rear end housing      $900KU700 Heidt’s Plain 9" Complete Independent rear suspension kit      $2200
                                                     Call for information on available chrome and polish upgrades. 
                                              Stage 3 Uni-body Coupe Assembled “Paint Ready” Rolling package:                                                                   “The Ultimate Paint Ready Hot Rod”
Our stage 3 Package will include all of stage 1 and all of stage 2, plus: Complete Body cure process then entire body work and prime process. This includes a complete body-work filler match for all fitted parts and panels, all lines and gaps trued and parallel, all functions such as doors and hood will be clearanced and tuned. All filler and body-work will be complete and prepped for catalyzed primer. Entire car will be dismantled and primed separately. All parts in kit will be worked and primed, block sanded to 240 grit, then everything will be primed again. Second stage of primer will be applied, then entire package will be reassembled. This includes all interior moldings prepped, fit, and mounted. In addition to this, all plumbing for fuel lines, brake lines, flex hoses, and battery cable conduit will be installed and 80% hidden in the structure. This also includes an appropriate brake pedal and master cylinder system for your specific application. This roller is the finest and most complete Hot Rod package available on the market. It is ready for 600 grit wet-sanding then paint from top to bottom. At our completion of the primer stage, we will be happy to quote you the final paint application of the color of your choice. Inquire on additional pricing. All normal upgrades may be added.
KB301     1933 Ford Uni-Body 3/W stage 3 Paint Ready  Roller.     $31,800KB202     1933 Ford Uni-Body 5/W stage 3 Paint Ready  Roller      $32,800
We will be happy to quote or install other equipment or options into your package, call for appropriate  pricing.
KU500 Heidt’s Open wheel super ride Independent front suspension    $550KU600 Polished Currie Aluminum center 9" Ford rear end housing      $900KU700 Heidt’s Plain 9" Complete Independent rear suspension kit      $2200
                                                  Call for information on available chrome and polish upgrades. 
                           Turn-Key Packages and Pricing.Complete driver turn-keys are our specialty, and we will build to suit your usage and needs. Feel free to research Tom Jerlow's Turn-Key coupe featured in "Street Rod Builder" magazine Dec 2007. Our normal Economy turn key price starts at $80,000. This includes all normal comforts such as A/C and heat, defrost, wipers, horn, stereo, E-brake, and all other functions tested and de-bugged to pass NSRA’s safety inspection. All hand crafted and matched fit body work, with Complete show polish base, clear DuPont paint systems. Full leather interior, designed to fit your specific needs. This Quote delegates your optional features by 3 specific up gradable budgets. 1. Engine and trans combination budget. 2. Front and rear suspension and brakes, and 3. Luxury and features budget. All standard categories have ample turn key upgrades included, and each of your specific upgrades will need to be priced individually. You can also supply components for your build, to be deducted from the cost. Please call your specifications to our office for your custom quote. The current Turn key completion time is 10 to 14 months from deposit until delivery. A $10,000 deposit is required at time of order and an $7000 monthly payment plan during the build process is standard. Special payment  arrangements are possible in bulk sums. The Quality of our turn key package is breathtaking. The comfort and roominess inside this package is extraordinary. It is truly the Hot Rod of the future with it’s unparalleled safety features, and luxurious ride. Your first hand inspection of this first finished example would be welcome by arranged appointment. A full detailed complete photo shoot disc will be available on this dark grey 5-w car, along with a copy of the magazine feature. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to earning your business.